Pete Gluszek loves all sizes of the Senko. In this on the water bass fishing class, Pete is ready to show how he rigs a 3" Senko to catch finicky Spring bass around the spawn. Fishing pressure, cold fronts and bass being focused on spawning can put fish in a negative mood and this finesse rig will help put some extra bass in the boat as you cruise around looking for beds. Watch as Pete discusses the tackle he uses to fish this rig, where & when to fish it, and tips for how to be efficient when fishing this soft plastic rig.

  • 0:20 A great Spring bass fishing rig - fat baby rig (aka tiny child rig)
  • 1:42 Best colors for the fat baby rig
  • 2:29 How to rig the fat baby rig
  • 3:31 Why tail weight a soft plastic stickbait?
  • 6:32 Why use scent on the fat baby rig
  • 7:35 Tackle for fishing the fat baby rig - rod, reel, line & leader
  • 9:53 When & where to fish the fat baby rig
  • 12:48 Pete goes on the water to fish the fat baby rig
  • 19:34 Efficiency when fishing delicate soft plastics
  • 22:12 Fishing on a bed you can't see
  • 24:29 The importance of polarized sunglasses
  • 26:46 Keep your eyes open for opportunities
  • 30:22 Detecting a strike on the fat baby rig
  • 31:21 Catching a fish in the heart of the cover
  • 33:14 Testing your line for abrasion
  • 35:42 Keeping distance from the bass habitat
  • 37:51 Fishing for a spooky bass on the bed
  • 39:18 Always fishing ahead
  • 40:10 Combinations of cover
  • 40:50 Getting a fish out of the cover

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