Buzz bait fishing has changed significantly in recent years. For Andy Montgomery, the most important change is the swap from skirts to soft plastics. “When I first started every buzz bait out there had a skirt on it,” Montgomery said. “It was basically just your standard skirt on a buzz bait. ... Now, 99% of the buzz baits thrown have no skirt on them. None. It's all about plastics, and what you can do with a plastic is pretty amazing.”In this seminar, Montgomery highlights the benefits of fishing a soft plastic lure on your buzz bait instead of a skirt, how to fish a buzz bait, and the right equipment you need to fish a buzz bait more effectively. In terms of the soft plastic, Montgomery uses a variety of different craw, creature, and swimbaits on the back. He says the important thing is to use something with a lot of actions to help displace the water. While most people opt for braid or monofilament line when fishing topwater, Montgomery chooses to stay with 20lb fluorocarbon but admits that it’s more of a personal choice than anything. In addition to the gear selection, Montgomery shares his tips and tricks for fishing buzz baits, including the importance of being able to cast effectively.  

  • 1:10 Evolution Of Buzz Bait Fishing
  • 3:15 Using Soft Plastics On Buzz Baits
  • 6:10 What Soft Plastics To Use On A Buzz Bait
  • 7:15 Selecting The Right Color Buzz Bait
  • 8:25 How To Select The Right Line For Buzz Bait Fishing
  • 9:45 Best Setup For Buzz Bait Fishing
  • 12:15 Tips And Tricks For Buzz Bait Fishing
  • 18:00 How To Put A Soft Plastic Lure On A Buzz Bait
  • 23:35 How Fast To Retrieve A Buzz Bait

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