Versatility is key in bass fishing. While we all carry different baits for different reasons, the ability to have one bait serve multiple purposes is huge when it comes to tackle storage.

For Mark Rose, the Strike King Scounbug is one of the most important baits in his boat for that exact reason. In this on-the-water session, Rose highlights just how versatile this soft plastic creature bait is.

When designing the Scounbug, Rose wanted a bait that could be used in a variety of different ways. One of the most important uses for the bait is as a trailer. Rose utilizes the bait on both vibrating and flipping jigs. Additionally, he uses the bait for flipping and pitching grass on a Texas Rig.

Typically, when fishing in heavy grass, Rose will opt for the Texas Rig over the flipping jig for its ability to come through the vegetation cleaner. When it comes to deciding how to fish any soft plastic, Rose stresses the importance of paying attention to your surroundings. If fish are swirling near the surface, it’s worth fishing the bait in the top of the water column – regardless of the time of day.

Rose also shares his tips and tricks for flipping and pitching grass, modifying jigs for smallmouth and spotted bass, and how to fish vibrating jigs.

Soft Plastic Creature Bait Versatility Chapters

  • 0:10 Tips For Fishing Vibrating Jigs
  • 3:10 Best Jig Modifications For Smallmouth And Spotted Bass
  • 5:10 Versatility Of The Strike King Scounbug
  • 6:45 On The Water Fishing Grass With Mark Rose
  • 8:40 Flipping And Pitching Grass
  • 26:30 When To Make Changes In Presentation
  • 31:00 When To Use A Texas Rig Over A Jig
  • 34:00 When To Fish The Scounbug On Top

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