Bryan Thrift has been winning tournaments with the original chatterbait, designed by Ron Davis, for well over a decade. After Z-man bought the rights and patents to the original chatterbait, Bryan has continued to fish them, because he has confidence that they are the best vibrating jigs on the market. In this bass fishing seminar class video, Bryan talks about the current models of the chatterbait that he throws most often, how he pairs the bait with the correct trailer for the depth he's fishing, how to fish a vibrating jig deep, and, lastly, he shares some tips for fishing the chatterbait.

  • 0:14 History of the chatterbait
  • 2:50 Z-man now makes the Z-Man Line of Chatterbaits, which are made with all the original patents on the lure that Bryan Thrift used to win his first professional tournament
  • 3:12 Bryan Thrift mainly throws the Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer & Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait. Learn when Bryan fishes each Z-man model
  • 4:51 Chatterbait trailer selection and why it's important
  • 6:28 Fishing a chatterbait deep
  • 13:39 New chatterbait that Bryan Thrift is working with Z-man to design
  • 15:41 Chatterbait tip for schooling fish in the fall
  • 16:53 Stroking a chatterbait
  • 17:27 Versatility of a chatterbait

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