Bryan Thrift is back on the water talking about the lure that got him his first professional bass tournament win, the chatterbait. Bryan has 2 models of the current Z-Man chatterbaits that he uses most of the time. In this video, he talks about how he uses these 2 models to fish grass, offshore structure and docks/shallow cover. Tune in to learn bladed jig fishing secrets from the angler credited with helping make the chatterbait a household name.

  • 0:15 Welcome to chatterbaits with Bryan Thrift and a brief history of chatterbaits
  • 2:57 The Z-Man era and Bryan's favorite models of the chatterbait and the tackle he uses (rods, reels, line)
  • 6:33 The 2 main models that Bryan Thrift throws most of the time: Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait and Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer
  • 7:16 Bryan Thrift's chatterbait color selection
  • 10:18 Trailer selection and rigging for a bladed jig
  • 19:18 Tips & tricks on fishing a jackhammer chatterbait around docks and shallow cover
  • 25:05 Bryan Thrift fishing a bladed jig offshore
  • 28:11 3rd way Bryan Thrift fishes a chatterbait bladed jig

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