3 Ways Bryan Thrift Fishes His Favorite Chatterbaits

Bryan Thrift is back on the water talking about the lure that got him his first professional bass tournament win, the chatterbait. Bryan has 2 models of the current Z-Man chatterbaits that he uses most of the time. In this video, he talks about how he uses these 2 models to fish grass, offshore structure and docks/shallow cover. Tune in to learn bladed jig fishing secrets from the angler credited with helping make the chatterbait a household name.

  • 0:15 Welcome to chatterbaits with Bryan Thrift and a brief history of chatterbaits
  • 2:57 The Z-Man era and Bryan's favorite models of the chatterbait and the tackle he uses (rods, reels, line)
  • 6:33 The 2 main models that Bryan Thrift throws most of the time: Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait and Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer
  • 7:16 Bryan Thrift's chatterbait color selection
  • 10:18 Trailer selection and rigging for a bladed jig
  • 19:18 Tips & tricks on fishing a jackhammer chatterbait around docks and shallow cover
  • 25:05 Bryan Thrift fishing a bladed jig offshore
  • 28:11 3rd way Bryan Thrift fishes a chatterbait bladed jig

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