Jordan Lee, back-to-back Bassmaster Classic tournament champion, who also recently won the first MLF Bass Pro Tour event, wanted to share some of the information on how he won that tournament. Jordan joined The Bass University in February in Columbus, OH to talk about swim jigs and chatterbaits (or bladed jigs).

  • 1:03 Swim Jigs - how Jordan Lee likes to swim and jig, where he likes to fish it and when. When is the 1 time of year that Jordan Lee is 100% likely to have a swim jig tied on?
  • 10:15 Best sizes for fishing swim jigs
  • 12:55 Trailers to use when fishing swim jigs. When to fish a craw-style trailer and when to fish a swimbait-style trailer
  • 15:19 Color selection for swim jigs. Jordan recommends 3 basic colors to have in your tackle box.
  • 17:24 Swim jig fishing tackle setup (rods, reels & line)
  • 21:44 Chatterbaits or bladed jigs - when, where and how Jordan Lee likes to fish a bladed jig
  • 30:00 Jordan Lee's favorite bladed jigs. Which brand and styles are the best and what trailers work best? What attributes are you looking for in a bladed jig?
  • 40:35 Colors for bladed jigs (skirts and blades)
  • 45:30 Bladed jig setup (rods, reels & line) and best sizes of balded jigs to throw
  • 48:30 Bladed jig trailers
  • 50:40 Retrieve for fishing a chatterbait. How do I work the jig?

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