Muddy Water Bass Fishing - Jordan Lee

Muddy Water Bass Fishing - Jordan Lee

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Major League Fishing bass tournament pro and 2x Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee is in Gadsden, AL with The Bass University to talk about fishing muddy water for bass.

  • 0:21 Why talk about fishing muddy water in Alabama?
  • 1:11 Water temperature and how it relates to muddy water
  • 2:52 How muddy water effects the bass
  • 4:33 More on water temperature and fishing muddy water with falling temperature
  • 7:28 Fish positioning in muddy water
  • 8:36 The best bait for catching bass in muddy water in the winter and maximizing your fishing day
  • 13:33 Flatside crankbaits vs. square bill and when to throw them
  • 15:44 Crankbait colors
  • 16:54 Tackle setup for fishing crankbaits
  • 18:39 When to throw a spinnerbait, spinnerbait setup and how to fish it
  • 24:19 When and where to fish a chatterbait in muddy water 
  • 25:56 Punching mats with jigs, profile & color considerations
  • 37:00 Tackle setups for fishing crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and jigs
  • 40:06 Bait modifications, trailers, trailer hooks, etc.
  • 46:18 Biggest takeaways for tournament bass fishing success in muddy water
  • 51:34 Question and Answer time about muddy water bass fishing with Jordan Lee

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Just purchased my Bass University subscription and I love it! Learned a lot in very little time.
- Chad N.