Cliff Crochet has a lot of experience bass fishing in muddy water. Being from Pierre Part, LA, he has lots of opportunities to fish heavily stained and muddy water. In this video, recorded in Kokomo, Indiana during a Bass University fishing class. Many bass anglers ask, "Is it ever too muddy to fish?". Cliff has some answers and tips that may surprise you for how to catch some bass when you probably think it's too muddy for fishing. Now, "muddy" is a relative term, what may be "muddy" for Maine may not be Louisiana.

Muddy water bass are also different. They have unique characteristics. In this video, Cajun Baby will help you identify where to look for, what to fish, how to catch, and what to expect from fish living in these low-visibility conditions. Cliff breaks down everything you're looking for in a bait to catch these bass. He talks about the importance of the bait profile, color selection and sounds created by lures. You'll also learn effective ways to fish these baits. Learn from Cliff how he selects and customizes a spinnerbait, jig, soft plastic and crankbaits for fishing muddy conditions. Also, find out what Cliff believes is the all-time most underrated muddy water bait.

Muddy water offers some advantages, namely in the type of tackle you can get away with. Cliff talks about how you can make changes with rods, reels and line that can help you land more fish.

  • 2:15 Muddy water basics
  • 4:30 Finding cleaner water
  • 7:10 What is muddy water?
  • 8:20 Personality of muddy water bass
  • 10:20 Muddy water considerations
  • 30:30 Muddy water lures
  • 37:00 Underrated muddy water lures
  • 39:00 Muddy water retrieve 
  • 44:00 Final thoughts

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