Sometimes when you don't get a hook in a fish, or the fish swipes at the bait, which often happens with reaction baits, like crankbaits, buzzbaits, chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. What do you do to get them in the boat? Sometimes called follow-up baits, these baits are meant to land those fish, once they've revealed their location. Often these fish are good and aggressive fish, and this seminar will help you catch more of those fish that you know are there. BASS Elite Series angler Cliff Crochet covers the following topics:

  • Ensuring you catch as many fish as possible with the original reaction bait
  • What questions should I ask to determine why a bass missed a bait?
  • How can I vary the presenation to catch more bass that missed a bait?
  • What are good come back baits for different primary baits?

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