Squarebills (sometimes written square bills) are a great treble hook bait to deflect off cover (and there aren't a lot of those). In this remastered bass fishing seminar class video, Kevin Short provides a great overview of when, where and how to fish plastic and balsa wood squarebill crankbaits. K-Pink shares some of his favorite baits, including the elusive WEC crankbaits that were hand-painted by William Ed Chambers and are now hot items on Ebay. You'll also learn what 2 color patterns that Kevin relies on to catch fish all around the country, and what shapes, bill shapes, line tie placements, etc will affect how a squarebill crankbait runs in the water.

  • 1:02 Plastic or wood squarebill crankbaits?
  • 5:19 What makes a good squarebill crankbait? Understading how a bait will run in the water.
  • 9:41 Selecting the best crankbait, and Kevin Short's favorite plastic squarebills
  • 13:07 What makes a WEC (aka Zoom crankbaits) basla squarebills by William Ed Chambers so special and expensive?
  • 15:20 Why throw a squarebill crankbait?
  • 17:46 When to fish a squarebill and how to get bites
  • 24:42 The correct equipment for fishing a crankbait (what is the right fishing rod for this bait?)
  • 27:03 The right fishing line for this technique and the rest of the tackle you need
  • 30:10 Using a snap, and the best knot for fluorocarbon
  • 34:17 Rattles vs silent in squarebill crankbaits
  • 36:41 How long to stay with a squarebill before making a change if you're not catching bass
  • 39:30 Best squarebill crankbait colors
  • 42:52 Treble hooks
  • 47:04 Squarebill retrieve and does Kevin Short use the Hydrowave?
  • 55:46 When to throw a squarebill

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