In this 1 hour + master class from a true jerkbait fishing master, Kevin VanDam breaks down everything you need to know to go from zero to hero as a jerkbait bass angler. This is truly a gold mine of information for either someone looking to get started with, or someone looking to master fishing a jerkbait for bass. In this class, you'll learn how versatile throughout the entire year that a jerkbait can be. KVD will explain the gear that you need to fish a jerkbait effectively without too much fatigue, so that you can fish a jerkbait pattern an entire tournament day, or for an entire multi-day tournament. VanDam will explain what he looks for in prime jerkbait fishing conditions, selecting the proper depth diver and color for the season, water clarity and light penetration. Lastly, Kevin VanDam will pick up his Lew's rod and reel and demonstrate casting, fishing and catching bass with a jerkbait.

KVD spills all the beans in this class: tips for hooking bass and keeping them hooked, reel settings for max distance and minimum backlash, setting the hook, triggering strikes and more. Join the GOAT in this 1 hour + master class and learn how to fish a versatile bait that can catch fish, particularly in clearer water, all year long.

  • 0:15 Master jerkbait fisherman Kevin VanDam on his history with fishing a jerkbait and what you'll learn in this bass fishing class
  • 4:06 Jerkbaits are not species-specific, or season-specific, they will catch smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass all times of the year
  • 6:18 The action you want to impart on your jerkbait to generate strikes and the Lew's KVD IM8 Casting Rod length, Lew's KVD LFS Casting Reel gear ratio & fluorocarbon line diameter setup you'll need to do it effectively
  • 15:45 More specifics on jerkbait fishing rod length
  • 17:15 Dexterity to fish a jerkbait properly all day, it's tough on the body
  • 18:55 Prime jerkbait fishing situations (water clarity & depth zones)
  • 20:13 Jerlbait color selection
  • 21:33 Cadence and working the bait
  • 24:12 Jerkbait fishing conditions and color selections for different species of bass
  • 29:16 What you need to look for in a great jerkbait
  • 29:56 More on selecting the right color
  • 34:06 KVD's Strike King Jerkbaits and what he designed them to do
  • 44:05 KVD talks about the current conditions for this on the water master class demonstration
  • 44:49 Boat positioning for maximum time in the strike zone
  • 45:25 Working a jerkbait properly
  • 50:34 Soaking a jerkbait
  • 52:15 A look at KVDs electronics and discussing what he's looking for in a high percentage zone
  • 54:05 Casting distance
  • 56:18 Reel setup for distance and minimum backlash
  • 1:00:03 Fish catching and the importance of using the right treble hooks
  • 1:00:50 Hook set on a jerkbait
  • 1:01:35 Tip for triggering a strikes
  • 1:06:05 How to know you're working the bait properly and using the right color

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