Kevin VanDam is on the water with The Bass University talking about two of his favorite tournament topwater baits, a stick bait and a popper. In this bass fishing class, KVD talks about the seasons, times of day and conditions that are best for fishing topwater lures. Based on those conditions, he talks about his favorite colors, sizes and sounds to fish. VanDam goes over the tackle he uses to fish these two topwater baits before going out to catch some bass. KVD demonstrates how to fish each lure and puts a few bass in the boat.

  • 0:15 Topwater bass fishing is fun, but at certain times and in certain conditions, it's also a great tournament fishing technique
  • 1:25 Kevin VanDam's seasonal times for fishing topwater baits
  • 3:46 When and where to fish stick baits
  • 6:20 When and where to fish a popper
  • 9:21 Topwater stick bait and popper color selection
  • 14:24 Another way to attract fish from further away or in stained water
  • 15:38 Keeping fish hooked on topwater baits
  • 17:21 Topwater stick bait and popper fishing tackle
  • 21:17 Time of day KVD fishes topwater bass fishing lures
  • 24:20 Cadence for fishing topwater lures
  • 25:26 Kevin VanDam demonstrates how to fish a stick bait topwater lure in different conditions and what he looks for to locate good areas
  • 33:33 On the water cadence demonstration and when to speed up or slow down
  • 36:05 Recap of seasonal patterns for topwater
  • 38:28 The one time that KVD throws monofilament fishing line
  • 40:58 Kevin Vandam fishes a Strike King HC KVD Splash Popper Jr. around vegetation

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