Join legendary angler Mark Zona, the host of "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show" and co-host on Bassmaster, as he shares his expert insights on topwater fishing in this exclusive on-the-water class with Bass University.

In this informative session, Mark delves into the two hard topwater style baits he relies on year-round – the enticing popper style bait and the versatile walking style bait. With meticulous attention to detail, he walks you through his preferred rod, reel, and line setup that maximizes your chances of success and ensures a higher hookup percentage.

Mark's system for topwater fishing is a well-honed approach that has proven effective time and time again. He begins by employing the walking-style bait to efficiently cover water, taking advantage of its ability to search larger areas and locate active fish. Once he observes blowups or any signs of life, he smoothly transitions to the popper-style topwater bait to methodically target that specific area. Mark firmly believes in the popper's superiority when it comes to hookups, making it an excellent choice to capitalize on fish triggered by the walking bait's presence.

Discover the nuances of retrieving both types of baits from the master himself. Learn the precise twitching and rhythmic motion techniques that create the perfect action, leaving the bass unable to resist striking. Mark also shares his valuable insights on when to choose one style over the other based on different weather conditions, enabling you to adapt your approach and optimize your topwater fishing strategy.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from Mark Zona's wealth of experience. Unravel the secrets of his topwater fishing system in this engaging Bass University on-the-water class and elevate your fishing game to new heights.

Mark Zona's Topwater On The Water Class Chapters

  • 0:07: Choosing Correct Style of Topwater
  • 1:40: Topwater Setup
  • 4:20: Poppers
  • 5:55: How to Tie Alberto Knot
  • 9:00: Zona’s System
  • 15:15: Reel Speed is Key
  • 16:16: Hooksets on Topwater
  • 17:00: Covering Water with Topwater
  • 18:35: Working the Bait
  • 20:05: Recap

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