Mark Zona, Bassmaster color commentator and host of "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show", returns to The Bass University for another on the water bass fishing instructional video. In this video, Mark talks about the tackle needed and how to fish the technique known as "cracking a tube".

Cracking a Tube Main Topics

  • 0:34 Is cracking a tube strictly a smallmout bass fishing technique?
  • 1:29 Tackle setup for cracking a tube (rod, reel, line & weights)
  • 3:29 What is the purpose of cracking a tube?
  • 4:17 How to fish this technique
  • 6:42 Colors of tubes Mark Zona uses for cracking a tube
  • 7:37 Selecting the right jighead wait for the conditions
  • 8:31 Setting the hook and not losing fish when cracking a tube
  • 10:14 Fishing demonstration, where to fish, tips and misconceptions about cracking a tube
  • 15:02 Why are bass attracted to tubes that are fished this way?
  • 16:45 Seasonal considerations - when to crack a tube
  • 17:49 Drag settings for this bass fishing technique

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