While some top-level bass fishing tournament trails have outlawed the umbrella rig, and some states have a limit of the number of baits that can have hooks, the umbrella rig (aka Alabama rig) is a great way to catch numbers of fish and trigger bites from big bass. The rig also gets a bad rap for it's lack of technique. Many anglers think you just throw it out and real it in, Mark Zona is here to put that falsehood to rest.

  • 1:34 Where is a good place to fish an umbrella rig? Should I fish an Alabama rig in my lake?
  • 2:18 How to rig an umbrella rig (jig size heads, blades, hooks, reel, line and more)
  • Tips for fishing the umbrella rig
    • 5:07 What are good conditions for fishing an umbrella rig
    • 5:32 retrieve and cadence
    • 6:16 bait sizes
    • 7:39 depths for fishing the umbrella rig
  • 8:34 The reason Mark Zona loves fishing umbrella rigs : getting doubles and triples
  • 10:03 On-the-water fishing demonstration of the umbrella rig

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