Shane Lehew is on a clear water lake in the south with spotted bass and largemouth. It's winter, snow on the ground, and the water temps are about as cold as they get in this region. The umbrella rig (aka Alabama rig) is a popular choice in cold water and Shane is here to share tips on how to fish an umbrella rig in the winter and early spring months. Shane shares the 2 sizes of A-rigs he fishes, the jigheads and baits (as well as his preferred colors) before heading out in search of bass. After covering the tackle, Shane locates some docks near channel swings and picks off some bass looking for an easy meal. Watch this on the water bass fishing class to learn how Shane fishes an umbrella rig, how he uses his Garmin electronics to identiffy hungry bass and how he quickly eliminates unproductive water.

  • 0:19 Why the Alabama rig is one of Shane's favorite bass fishing techniques
  • 1:34 9-Arm Alabama rig fishing in the winter, where to look, what to look for to find the bass and how to fish ian umbrella rig
  • 7:23 5-Arm A-rig fishing in the winter
  • 8:25 Swimbait colors and limited number of hooks
  • 10:56 Getting crazy with umbrella rig baits
  • 11:33 Whether or not to use blades
  • 12:49 Jighead weights
  • 13:38 Size & colors of swimbaits for an umbrella rig
  • 14:46 Tackle for Alabama rig fishing
  • 16:31 Fishing a 9-arm Alabama rig
  • 18:55 Fishing docks with an umbrella rig
  • 28:04 LiveScope and follow-up baits
  • 35:22 Determining where the bass are located
  • 37:30 Keep an eye on your LiveScope
  • 38:52 Eliminating unproductive water and covering water quickly

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