* Some tackle was substituted because of the availability of Berkley Jigs at the time this video was published

Shane Lehew is fishing for bass on a clear water North Carolina lake in the winter. After a recent and rare North Carolina snowfall, Shane Lehew has a sunny day and is targeting docks with a finesse jig. Before starting fishing for largemouth and spotted bass, Shane talks about jigs and tackle for various winter situations. While Shane is presented with a clear water situation, he talks about stained and muddy water and how that would affect what he fishes. With tackle in order, Shane commences to fishing docks in pockets and swimming a jig down the bank, along with sharing tips for if he were in different clarity of water.

  • 0:22 Wintertime jig fishing for bass introduction (late January water temps in low 50's and upper 40's on clear water lake)
  • 0:56 The biggest factor when fishing jigs in the winter
  • 1:20 Tackle for skipping docks with a jig in the winter
  • 3:44 Tackle for fishing deeper areas like offshore rocks or brush piles with a jig
  • 6:27 Jig selection for if you're in dirtier water
  • 6:58 Tips for fishing dirtier water with a skipping jig in the winter
  • 9:45 Fishing super stained or muddy water in the winter
  • 10:39 Why to choose a certain style jig trailer
  • 12:49 Selecting the right size of jig and trailer
  • 13:36 Fishing docks with a jig in the winter on the water demonstration and tips for largemouth and spotted bass fishing

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