Shane Lehew is out on the water fishing a clear lake for super-deep spotted bass. By super-deep, we mean deeper than 40 feet. Shane breaks down some of his favorite deep water spotted bass baits and tackle, then goes out in search of bass around road beds and in ditches. See how Shane uses his electronics, 2d sonar and forward-facing sonar to find and entice spotted bass into biting.

  • 0:16 Winter fishing for super-deep spotted bass
  • 1:14 What to look for first thing in the morning on spotted bass lakes
  • 3:14 Later in the day as the sun comes out, where the spotted bass will go
  • 5:21 Baits for targeting deep spotted bass in the winter
  • 6:45 Tackle for fishing a smaller swimbait, like the 2.8"  Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer
  • 9:01 Jigging spoon and tackle for deep winter spotted bass
  • 12:11 Another great winter bait for deep spotted bass
  • 15:41 Baits for fishing around dying baitfish in the winter
  • 18:30 Ned rig for fishing for spotted bass in deep water
  • 21:30 Shane Lehew demonstrates and shares tips for fishing a deep road bed for spotted bass with various baits & electronics
  • 26:40 Shane Lehew demonstrates cycling through baits while fishing a ditch and discusses why spotted bass can be found in ditches in the winter
  • 30:35 Catching fish you see on your electronics

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