Ned Kehde loves finesse fishing. Through the years, he's fished with some of the earliest finesse anglers, shared knowledge with them, and documented some of the finer points of catching bass on light line with subtle baits. Of course, he's now most known for popularizing the Ned rig, which he calls the Midwest finesse rig.

In this episode of Bass University Live, Ned begins by taking us through his amazing journey to-date as a bass angler. Ned became serious about fishing in the mid-1960's as a guide on Lake of the Ozarks, he befriended friend of Guido Hibdon, his father and brother who were some of the first to use the split shot rig and adopt spinning tackle for light line bass fishing applications. Ned observed and learned from other early finesse innovators like Chuck Woods (invetor of the Beetle, which bacame the Beetle Spin), Charlie Brewer (who invented the Crappie Slider) and others. Ned has also written for many major fishing and outdoor magazines and newspapers since the 1980's. Now, Ned fishes "banker hours" with his wife, with the goal of catching 25 bass an hour, which is a blistering pace of a bass every 2.4 minutes. Ned and his wife catch so many he has to keep a tally counter so they don't lose count.

Come learn Ned's simple and light approach to finesse bass fishing for numbers. If you're like Ned and care more about getting the bite and catching 10 bass than catching a single 5 lb bass, this is a great episode for you. You'll learn a lot about taking a simple, conservational and economical approach to catching bass. For instance, Ned is using reels he bought in 1970 and braided line (because it lasts for years) and eliminates most line twisting problems. Of course, Ned also shares tips on fishing the rig that the fishing community in general attributes to him.

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