Former FLW tour angler and current MLF Bass Pro Tour color commentator JT Kenney joined The Bass University in Edison, NJ this past January to teach a class on what he calls the "Mag Ned Head". The Ned rig catches a lot of fish, and it will catch some big ones too. JT Kenney loves to catch fish, but he had a few frustrations with the standard Ned rig.

  • 0:40 What is a traditional Ned head?
  • 1:40 Why the mag Ned head rig?
  • 3:38 What is the mag Ned rig?
  • 7:10 Baits and colors for fishing JT Kenney's mag Ned rig
  • 11:54 Rigging (2 variations, including one for fishing in cover)
  • 16:17 Tackle setup for fishing this rig in different scenarios (rods, reels and line). JT also shares his favorite knot for braid to fluoro leader
  • 23:00 Where the mag Ned head really shines
  • 29:51 Places to fish the mag Ned rig
  • 42:49 Hooksets with the a mag Ned head

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