When it first showed up on the scene, the Alabama rig (aka umbrella rig, aka the chandelier) would catch them pretty much anywhere you threw it. As it's aged, it's fallen into it's own niche. There are great times to throw this rig where/when it will catch them far better than other presentations. One of those times/places is when fish are suspended, and it really triggers bites when other baits won't when the fish are inactive. In this bass fishing seminar, JT Kenney shares lots of information on catching bass with the Alabama rig with the students in Columbus, OH. JT covers everything from: different types/sizes of rigs, best conditions for fishing the umbrella rig, gear you'll need to fish different rig types, the best baits to use, how to get the rig to run properly to maximize the chance that your allowed hooks are the ones the bass bites, and more!

  • 0:09 Controversy over whether you can fish the Alabama rig and when it first became popular
  • 1:55 Where the Alabama rig really shines
  • 2:33 Size variations in Alabama rigs and the tackle you need for them (what line to use when throwing an umbrella rig)
  • 6:22 Other variations and state regulartions for maximum hooks
  • 9:24 Different baits you can rig on an Alabama rig and JT's favorite Gambler Big EZ Swimbaits
  • 14:41 Alabama rig storage (one of the biggest problems with an umbrella rig)
  • 15:25 Jighead recommondations for fishing this rig effectively
  • 17:25 Rigging the umbrella rig (keeping in mind your state regulations on maximum # of hooks) and getting the rig to run properly and maximizing hookups
  • 23:07 Where and how to fish the Alabama rig (with sonar electronics screenshots) and when it really shines
  • 36:53 Another great place for fishing this rig and when it's probably better to throw something else
  • 39:44 The hookset on an Alabama rig
  • 40:43 Equipment for various sizes of umbrella rigs
  • 41:29 Working the Alabama rig and how it can differ for different bass species
  • 43:28 Gear ratio reel for fishing this technique
  • 44:08 How much time to dedicate to trying to get suspended bass triggered

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