Bassmaster tournament bass fishing 2-time champion John Murray shares some information about the quickly-developing area of fishing for suspended bass. Ever wonder why this fish in the tank at Bass Pro are often just sitting in the open area water in the middle of that tank, when there's perfect cover available in the habitat? It makes one question, where do the fish go when they aren't where they are supposed to be? In this nearly 1-hour seminar, John Murray will answer the following question to help you locate and catch suspended bass, often in open water:

  • Are the majority of fish on the bank, near the cover we are often fishing or away from cover relating to structure and things like that?
  • What are the ideal water conditions for targeting suspended bass?
  • How do I decide between targeting suspenders offshore and heading to the bank?
  • What times of year should I be looking for fish offshore?
  • Where do I start using my electronics/sonar to try to locate suspending bass?
  • Once I find them, what techniques and baits can I use to catch them?
  • Is there a way to turn neutral suspending fish into aggressive feeders?
  • How do I use an Alabama Rig (A-rig) to catch suspending bass?
  • What is a spybait lure and what is spybaiting?

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