John Murray is a Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour tournament angler who started out on the West coast perfecting finesse techniques like the dropshot rig before most had even heard of it. As it's evolved, the dropshot has continued to be a great finesse fishing tactic for pressured bass, certain weather events and clear water, but it's also branced out into other areas, like punching. In this bass fishing class video seminar, John Murray shares what he's learned over the years about different ways to utilize a dropshot, how rod selection and hook selection correlate, hook selection, rigging style based on cover and lure action, and more. Learn how to catch bass on a dropshot rig, adjustments to make if you're not catching bass and some tricky tips to help get a few more bites (or land a few more bites).

  • 0:40 Aaron Martins will always be the drop shot master
  • 2:07 Dropshotting isn't just a finesse technique
  • 6:41 Dropshot rig hooks
  • 9:35 Choosing the right rod & hook
  • 12:35 Dropshot fishing line
  • 13:37 Dropshot weight sizes & styles
  • 16:01 Leader lengths for dropshot bass fishing
  • 22:11 Different ways to rig a dropshot rig
  • 37:33 Leader length measurement
  • 39:24 Where to hang a dropshot weight on a fishing reel
  • 40:09 Hair jig & streamer flies on dropshots
  • 42:08 How important is weight size when dropshotting?
  • 43:06 How to know when to shake or drag a dropshot
  • 44:39 Where to fish dropshot on Watts Bar Lake
  • 45:53 Triple dropshot rig hook & baits
  • 47:26 Can you tie bubba shot without a swivel?
  • 49:05 Tips for dropshotting in Florida grass

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