Around 2018, John Murray moved near Lake Chickmauga where loads of trophy hunters fish 7 days a week, all year. John prefers to fish less pressured waters nearer to his home, but years fishing against top-level tournament anglers has given him the confidence that he can catch them on pressured lakes, if he has to. In this bass fishing video class seminar, Murray shares his tips for standing out in the crowd and catching bass the other guys are passing up.

  • 0:07 Introduction to pressured bass and John Murray's pressured home waters
  • 2:13 When you must fish pressured lakes and how to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • 5:34 Keeping an open mind
  • 7:15 Expand your horizons with techniques you've not been using and catch bass in places you've never caught a fish
  • 10:31 Who tells you how to catch a fish?
  • 11:18 How do you catch bass on Chickamauga in April?
  • 15:44 What about fishing Lake Cumberland in April?
  • 18:08 The biggest fish to catch in Watts Bar, not in the spawn
  • 19:27 Braid to leader on spinning tackle
  • 24:12 What do you look for to catch bass and win tournaments on a lake you've never been to before?
  • 25:45 John Murray's favorite lake in Arizona

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