Jerkbait Fishing Made Easy - John Murray

Jerkbait Fishing Made Easy - John Murray


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2020 Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour angler John Murray joined The Bass University in Kokomo, IN in January 2020 to talk about jerkbait fishing made easy. In this bass fishing video seminar, you will learn some secret tips and tactics for fishing jerkbaits. Primarily, this video focuses on hard plastic jerkbaits, but John does share some tips for soft plastics as well.

  • 0:11 When do you fish a jerkbait and what species will bite it?
  • 4:44 Different sizes of jerkbaits and selecting the right size for the season
  • 11:00 How to weight a jerkbait and why it's not an exact science
  • 13:59 Soft plastic jerkbaits, and why you would choose it over a traditional hard plastic jerkbait
  • 16:23 A magic color for soft plastic jerkbaits, that's not at all match the hatch
  • 20:39 Cadence - the secret to jerkbait fishing success
  • 32:18 Jerkbait modifications and tuning
  • 38:37 Question and answer with John Murray on fishing jerkbaits

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To everyone at Bass University, Thank you guys for all that you do! I signed up for a yearly subscription last year and learned so much from all of the seminars. It was so convenient to find seminars on every topic all in one place. Without Bass University I was always searching the internet to find out new tips and techniques but this really simplified things. I really appreciate you bringing this wealth of knowledge to us anglers so thanks again!
- Scott B.