Matt Becker won the 2021 Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit presented by Googan Baits on Lake Murray with 76lbs 5oz. It's fitting that the tournament was won primarily on a Googan Baits Darts Soft Jerkbaits. In this video Matt talks about his practice on Clarks Hill for his tournament on Lake Murray, how the weather affected the herring/shad spawns, the baits and tackle he used, and leading the tournament and being able to close out the win. Becker also takes us on a Google maps tour of one of the key areas he fished and talks about why fish were holding on some points and not on other similar areas.

  • 0:21 Matt Becker introduction
  • 1:45 Differences between Matt Becker's 2 biggest tournament wins
  • 2:30 Clarks Hill Reservoir & Lake Murray
  • 4:16 Importance of having a fishing mentor
  • 6:08 Getting into the winner's circle is difficult, but sometimes it's easier to repeat. Matt shares what he learned about winning
  • 10:25 The conditions in practice and during the tournament on Lake Murray
  • 13:26 How shad spawn compared to how herring spawn and how Matt fished the current conditions
  • 16:43 Getting feeding fish activated and the importance of getting your bait back in the water
  • 17:18 Google Earth demonstration of what a good herring spawn area looks like and how Matt fished them
  • 22:49 What separated Matt Becker from the other competitors in the Lake Murray bass fishing tournament
  • 25:48 Bait Matt Becker was fishing to win the tournament at Lake Murray
  • 30:28 The stinger hook on the soft plastic jerkbait and what role it played in landing key fish
  • 32:01 More details about the Googan jerkbait Matt Becker was fishing on Lake Murray and how he fished the bait
  • 35:37 Tackle (rod, reel & line) for soft plastic jerkbait fishing on Lake Murray
  • 36:51 Other baits for fishing around the shad spawn on Lake Murray or Clarks Hill
  • 37:58 Nerves coming into the final day when leading a multi-day bass fishing tournament
  • 44:00 What are Matt Becker's plans for the future?

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