FLW BFL champion and Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Wes Logan joins The Bass University in this interview to talk about his love for swim jig fishing. Learn when and where to fish a swim jig, what swim jigs that Wes Logan likes to fish, the trailers he uses and why he looks for muddy water.

  • 1:02 Why Rizz and Wed Logan love fishing a swim jig and what swimming a jig means in various parts of the country
  • 2:11 Wes Logan won a BFL tournament on Neely Henry when he was 17, then won another in 18
  • 3:57 How Wes Logan made his way to the Bassmaster Elite Series for 2020
  • 5:23 What time of year is best for fishing a swim jig?
  • 6:28 Rod and line that Wes Logan uses when fishing a Dirty Jigs No-Jack Swim Jig
  • 8:12 Preferred habitat when swim jig fishing
  • 9:06 Trailers for swim jig fishing : Zoom Super Speed Craw & Zoom Z Swim Swimbaits
  • 9:49 Hooksets when swimming a jig
  • 10:51 Where in the water column do you fish a swim jig?
  • 11:47 Why a fast reel like the Team Lew's Pro-Ti SLP Speed Spool Casting Reel is important
  • 12:19 Straight retrieve vs. the Alabama shake
  • 13:41 Rattles in a swim jig?
  • 14:36 Why fishing muddy water makes the fish more predictable

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