Bassmaster Wes Logan grew up fishing bank grass. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Wes talks about his 4 primary techniques for fishing bank grass. He offers 2 reaction techniques and 2 slow and methodical techniques to use in relation to the season, weather conditions, water clarity and fish moods. See the bait and tackle Wes uses for these techniques, along with tips on how to fish each technique and under what conditions each performs the best.

  • 0:31 Overview : Type of bank grass Wes will focus on
  • 1:04 Ways to get bites in bank grass
  • 2:28 Why fish bank grass for bass?
  • 6:17 Bank grass fishing throughout the year and seasons
  • 17:11 Reaction baits, tackle & how to fish it
  • 21:21 Swim Jig baits, tackle & technique
  • 29:00 Flipping a jig - baits, tackle & technique
  • 31:24 Texas rig - baits, tackle & how to fish
  • 33:21 Blade color on buzzbait
  • 34:31 How often to change cadence on buzzbaits
  • 35:35 Pegging weights & not pegging Texas rigs
  • 36:38 Color combinations for various water clarities
  • 38:38 Lizard vs brush hog
  • 39:31 Brush hogs modification and sizes
  • 41:05 Bank grass in dirty water after heavy rains
  • 43:37 Stickbait vs creature bait
  • 44:51 Bank grass vs submergent vegetation

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