Do you throw topwater baits during the pre-spawn? For many anglers, those early months of the year are too early to break out the buzzbaits and prop baits. However, those techniques can help target some of the bigger bass in your lakes as they begin feeding up for the spawn. In this seminar, Greg DiPalma goes on the water to demonstrate how to fish a buzzbait and prop bait – specifically around isolated cover. 

DiPalma explains the difference between skirted buzzbaits and how to use soft plastic lures on a buzzbait instead. Additionally, he highlights the specific gear used for each technique. 

  • 0:30 When To Throw Topwater Lures
  • 2:45 Imitating Different Types Of Forage With Buzzbaits
  • 3:50 When To Throw Prop Baits
  • 4:30 Tips For Fishing Buzzbaits
  • 7:20 Where To Find Fish During Pre-Spawn
  • 8:00 Gear Setup For Topwater Fishing
  • 9:50 Different Ways To Fish Buzzbaits
  • 19:50 How To Fish Prop Baits

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