A lipless crankbait is one of the most commonly used baits to chase pre-spawn bass in the late winter and early spring. However, fishing one from a kayak offers a few different challenges than fishing one from a traditional bass boat. “A lipless [crankbait] is one of my absolute favorite ways to catch pre-spawn bass,” said Greg DiPalma. “Because not only can it cover a ton of water, but you can rip that thing and you can create a reaction out of fish that just don't want to eat.” In this seminar, DiPalma shares his love of lipless crankbait fishing along with his experience fishing in a kayak tournament on Lake Guntersville. DiPalma says one of the biggest differences for him was how much you have to downsize the amount of gear you bring. With a kayak, you’re limited on space, so condensing all of your equipment to only a few boxes and rods is crucial. One tip DiPalma offered was to consider using a longer rod. While many kayak anglers lean toward a shorter rod, when using a moving bait –  like a lipless crankbait – a longer rod can help you when it comes to fighting the fish. DiPalma also shares his tips for people who want to start kayak fishing, including what he believes are the most important accessories to help him while kayak bass fishing. 

  • 0:50 Understanding Bass Movement During The Pre-Spawn
  • 2:40 Why Lipless Crankbaits Work So Well During Pre-Spawn
  • 4:10 Transitioning From Bass Boats To Kayaks
  • 7:40 Fishing Lipless Crankbaits In A Kayak
  • 9:45 Choosing The Right Line For Lipless Crankbaits
  • 11:10 Picking The Right Kayak And Accessories
  • 13:35 Baits To Throw During Pre-Spawn
  • 14:38 How To Retrieve A Lipless Crankbait
  • 15:20 Importance Of Electronics
  • 15:45 Tips For Fishing Out Of A Kayak
  • 20:25 Measuring Fish On A Kayak

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