Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Kayak Series Angler Greg DiPalma, also known as "GDP," teams up with Bass University on the water to share insights into fall fishing from a kayak.

In this Bass University on the water, Greg starts by explaining some of the essential techniques he uses during the fall transition. He breaks down the customized setup of his kayak, highlighting specific features that make him a more efficient and effective angler.

GDP emphasizes covering a lot of water during the fall season, favoring a lipless crankbait as his go-to bait. However, he acknowledges the importance of adapting when conditions are not ideal. Greg demonstrates how he uses his FFS (Forward Facing Sonar) to locate fish and then switches to a finesse presentation to entice more reluctant bass.

Whether you're an experienced angler or new to kayak fishing, join GDP and The Bass University on the water to learn valuable tips and techniques to enhance your efficiency as a kayak angler.

Fall Transition of Bass with Kayak Champion Greg Dipalma Chapters

  • 0:50: Fall Transition
  • 2:50: Key Baits and Setups
  • 9:00: Kayak Storage/Setup
  • 17:30: Covering Water to Find Bass
  • 29:30: Catching Bass with Forward-Facing Sonar (Live Sonar) From a Kayak
  • 44:45: GDP Outro 

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