Love it or hate it, forward-facing sonar has taken the bass fishing world by storm. 

“Foward-Facing Sonar is the here and now,” said Brandon Lester. “It's the biggest advancement probably that I've seen in my professional career. ... The thing [that separates] forward-facing sonar is we're getting to watch a fish's actions in real-time.”

The technology has revolutionized the way many anglers fish. For Lester, he’s keyed in on several different techniques to help him make the most of the advancement. 

One of the most popular methods for targeting suspending fish with forward-facing sonar is a jerkbait. Lester explains how to fish a jerkbait for suspended fish, as well as the importance of the right selecting the right gear. Another power fishing method Lester recommends is using a large swimbait. 

To the surprise of very few, many of the other methods Lester discusses are various finesse tactics. 

Drop-Shotting has become a staple for anglers using forward-facing sonar, but it isn’t the only light-line application that can be used. 

Lester highlights how to throw finesse swimbaits, neko rigs, and ned rigs, to help maximize your opportunity to catch more bass. 

One of the more challenging aspects of using forward-facing sonar is being able to properly dial in the settings, and understand just what it is you’re looking at. In this seminar, Lester also explains the various settings you can adjust and gives his tips for learning how to use forward-facing sonar. 

  • 4:25 How To Learn Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 6:10 Best Baits For Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 7:45 Jerkbait Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 11:50 Best Setup For Jerkbaits
  • 15:30 Finesse Swimbait Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 24:30 Best Setup For Finesse Swimbaits
  • 26:10 Big Swimbait Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 28:00 Best Setup For Big Swimbaits
  • 29:00 Neko Rig Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 37:10 Best Setup For Neko Rigs
  • 44:50 Drop Shot Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 51:45 Best Setup for Drop Shots
  • 53:30 Ned Rig Fishing With Forward-Facing Sonar
  • 57:00 Effective Presentations For Forward-Facing Sonar

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