Discover the Ned Rig – a remarkably effective yet simple bait that has been putting an impressive number of bass in the boat in recent years. Join Noah Schultz in this on-the-water class as he unravels the secrets to mastering the Ned Rig technique.

Noah delves into the essential components of his rod, reel, and line setup for a successful Ned Rig approach. His preferred setup involves a 10lb braided line combined with a 10lb fluorocarbon leader, perfect for navigating around grass and zebra muscles. Gain valuable insights into the significance of different weight sizes for Ned heads, crucial for optimizing the fall rate of the bait based on varying conditions like water depth, current, and wind. Noah also shares a crafty tip - using colored Ned heads like chartreuse to entice additional bites when imitating bluegill, a tactic that can make a real difference in clear water or when targeting bass feeding on smaller baitfish.

Bait selection is paramount for a productive Ned Rig, and Noah uses the Z-Man TRD, a widely acclaimed and top-performing soft plastic. Crafted from Z-Man's cutting-edge ElaZtech material, the TRD offers unbeatable durability, buoyancy, and lifelike action underwater, a perfect match for the Ned Rig technique.

Rigging the Z-Man ElaZtech plastic correctly is an art in itself, and Noah highlights the significance of rigging this bait correctly. By mastering this technique, the bait falls naturally and showcases an enticing profile to bass, increasing the likelihood of enticing bites.

Accompany Noah as he takes on offshore grass on a serene, sunny day. Witness firsthand the incredible effectiveness of the Ned Rig as he effortlessly puts multiple fish in the boat. With the Ned Rig's finesse and versatility, Noah demonstrates its prowess in enticing bass even in challenging fishing conditions.

Unravel the intricacies of fishing a Ned Rig from a seasoned expert, Noah Schultz, in this exclusive on-the-water class with The Bass University. Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, this class is a must-watch to enhance your fishing repertoire and reel in more bass using the Ned Rig technique.

Ned Rig Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 0:10: Ned Rig Baits and Heads
  • 2:45: Rod and Reel Setup
  • 4:25: Why Fish a Ned Rig
  • 6:00: Rigging a Ned Rig
  • 8:30: Fishing a Ned Rig Around Grass

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