In this digitally remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli shares some of his favorite finesse soft plastic bass fishing techniqes. When fishing gets tough, these techniques are some of the best at generating bass bites. Bass can shut down because of weather changes, water changes, fishing pressure and other reasons. When fishing is tough, fishing a bait that looks natural and non-threatening is a great way to catch wary bass.

  • 2:20 Catching bass when the fishing stinks
  • 3:15 When do fish eat? When is the best time to catch fish easily?
  • 3:48 When do fish not eat? When is it harder to catch bass? How can I get fish to bite when the fishing is tough?
  • 4:46 Mike Iaconelli loves to use spinning tackle and finesse soft plastics to catch bass when the fishing is tough
  • 6:39 Understanding the importance of the motion of the bait
  • 10:06 Fishing the moment
  • 11:29 The Ned rig saves bad fishing days, even though it doesn't do anything
  • 26:40 Finesse swimbait fishing, like the ol' Mister Twister Sassy Shad
  • 37:29 No motion minnow soft plastic bass fishing technique
  • 44:14 Neko rig bass fishing technique : baits, rigging and fishing
  • 58:13 Finesse french fry
  • 1:01:55 This rig looks ridiculous...but bass love it!

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