Comprehensive Soft Plastics Fishing Made Simple - John Crews

Comprehensive Soft Plastics Fishing Made Simple - John Crews


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John Crews is a Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass angler, but he also is owner and lure designer of Missile Baits company. With many successful soft plastics to his company's credit, including the Missile Baits Baby D Bomb Creature Bait, John knows a thing or two about what makes a soft plastic lure special, and how to catch fish on them.

John Crews starts with a little history, going back to 1949 when Nick Crme invented the soft plastic worm, something akin to the Creme Lures Scoundrel Worm. You'll also find out what Zoom worms and your fast food bag have in common.

Links to Main Soft Plastics Fishing Topics

  • 0:50 History of the soft plastic worm
  • 4:50 Why are soft plastic baits so good
  • 9:35 What techniques to use
  • 16:15 Top 4 soft plastic fishing strategies 
  • 41:15 New variations
  • 46:50 Keys to fishing soft plastics

So, you may be asking yourself, "What makes soft plastic lures so good?".  Perhaps the most versatile bait, John points out that:

  • Their natural action is fantastic for generating strikes
  • They can be fished through the heaviest cover without losing expensive baits
  • A variety of shapes and colors allows you to mimic natural forage effectively, or you can go wild and trigger reaction bites
  • and more!

With so many ways of rigging and fishing a soft plastic bait, some people tend to stick with the technique they have confidence in, like Texas rigging. John Crews discusses several rigging techniques, determining which is best for your fishing situation, selecting a bait for that rig, including size and color, and how to work the bait to elicit strikes.


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