John Crews is always learning and perfecting new bass fishing techniques. In the mid 2000's, John got paired up with lure designer Saiji Kato at Lake Amistad. At this time in fishing history on a big fish lake like Amistad, the vast majority of anglers were catching winning bags on power fishing techniques and baitcasting tackle. Kato showed up with a small straight tail worm, a finesse hook and a nail weight and won the co-angler side. This rig vacuums up all the bass, and as Kato demonstrated, it vacuums up the big ones too. In this bass fishing class seminar video, John Crews talks about: the history of the Neko rig, including other names for the same technique, how to rig the Neko rig, the best terminal tackle & colors, rod, reel, line, weights and more. John emphasizes that there is one main aspect to really get dialed into if you want to experience Neko rig fishing success. Lastly, Crews answers questions from students about worm shapes/types, weights, colors and more.

  • 0:20 Pronounce "Neko rig"
  • 1:20 Neko rig history & how John Crews learned about it
  • 7:54 What is the Neko rig?
  • 14:39 The right tackle for Neko rigging
  • 17:19 Fishing a Neko Rig
  • 22:57 Setting the hook on Neko rig
  • 25:24 Neko rig soft plastic colors
  • 28:20 Importance of rate of fall
  • 31:22 Worm styles & shapes for Neko rig fishing
  • 33:04 How does a Neko rig fall in the water?
  • 34:00 Leader length for Neko rigging
  • 36:05 Any instance for power fishing a Neko rig?
  • 37:12 Super glue in weights?
  • 38:55 Neko rigging a D Bomb?
  • 39:44 Spinning reel for Neko rigging
  • 40:34 Any profile besides worm to Neko rig?
  • 42:01 Shad-shaped baits for Neko rigging
  • 44:36 Weight colors?

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