Professional angler Bryan Schmitt, known for his victories in the Bassmaster Elite Series, teams up with Bass University to provide valuable lessons on mastering a technique he holds dear: the "Neko Rig."

During the session, Bryan dives into the specifics of his gear setup, emphasizing his choices in color and knots for this rig. He attributes a significant portion of his tournament triumphs to the effectiveness of the Neko Rig, highlighting its versatility across various fishing scenarios.

Moving to the bow of the boat, Bryan offers a hands-on demonstration of how to effectively employ the Neko Rig. He shares insights into the specific areas he prefers for using this technique and explains his distinctive finesse approach to employing this highly effective presentation.

Join Bass University for an instructive session on the water with Bryan Schmitt, an Elite Series Champion, and gain insights into mastering the art of fishing with the Neko Rig.

Key Moments In Bryan Schmitt's Neko Rig Fishing Class

  • 0:14: What makes the Neko Special?
  • 2:00: Neko Setup and Rigging 
  • 8:07: Knots 
  • 9:47: Neko Rig Approach 
  • 13:18: When to Change Neko Setup 
  • 15:40: Fishing a Neko Rig in Tough Conditions
  • 18:30: Weight Selection 
  • 21:30: Versatility in the Neko Rig 
  • 25:48: Detecting a Bite

What's Covered in This Neko Rig Bass Fishing Class

  • What makes the Neko Rig an effective part of professional angler Bryan Schmitt's fishing strategy?
  • What are the specific details of Bryan's gear setup for the Neko Rig, including color choices and knots?
  • Why does Bryan attribute a significant portion of his tournament triumphs to the versatility of the Neko Rig across various fishing conditions and bodies of water?
  • In the hands-on demonstration, what insights does Bryan share about specific areas and his finesse approach to effectively using the Neko Rig?
  • Detecting a bite with the Neko rig
  • Neko rig weight selection
  • Why is this finesse technique key for fishing in tough conditions?
  • Where can viewers find specific fishing gear for Neko rig bass fishing and what Missile Baits worm does Schmitt use?

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