Some anglers would rather keep throwing their favorite baits than make adjustments when the fishing gets tough. 

While bigger bass often target bigger baits, sometimes the key to catching more bass is a more subtle approach. 

“There's a lot of reasons finesse fishing is so good when it gets tough,” said Mike Iaconelli, currently Bassmaster Elite Series pro and 2003 Classic champion. 

In this seminar, Iaconelli explains how to fish finesse soft plastics to help increase your chances of catching more and bigger fish. 

Oftentimes, finesse soft plastics get lumped together. Iaconelli goes in-depth about the key differences between shaky head fishing, drop shotting, and several other important techniques. 

While the former Classic champion explains the setups and presentations to several key finesse tactics, he also details the exact role they play in tough conditions. 

When your normal baits and patterns aren’t able to produce, there’s a reason. Iaconelli explains how to understand changing conditions and tries to help you figure out what to do next. Just because they aren’t biting doesn’t mean they’re gone, sometimes you just need to give them something a little different. 

Iaconelli also explains the importance of figuring out exactly what water column you’re targeting before you pick a technique. Fishing a fluke isn’t great for targeting bass on the bottom, but fishing a shaky head isn’t perfect for catching fish near the surface either. 

One of the challenges many anglers struggle with is just how to catch suspended bass. Iaconelli also provides several tips and tricks for catching those hard-to-target fish. 

Aside from the techniques and the conditions, one of the areas anglers often make mistakes in finesse fishing is with the gear. While a fluorocarbon line is terrific by itself, for many of these techniques tying a braided line to fluorocarbon is actually a better method. 

Key Finesse Fishing in Tough Conditions Topics

  • 2:40 Understanding Why Fishing Conditions Change
  • 7:15 Dos And Don'ts Of Finessee Fishing
  • 9:00 Keys To Catching Bass In Different Water Columns
  • 18:48 Picking The Right Finesse Soft Plastic
  • 27:40 How To Fish Flukes
  • 40:00 How To Swim A Worm
  • 57:00 How To Fish A Tail-Weighted French Fry
  • 1:13:45 How To Fish Senkos
  • 1:24:40 How To Fish A Shaky Head Rig
  • 1:36:30 How To Fish A Drop Shot Rig

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