Key Topic in this Finesse Fishing with Aaron Martens Class

  • 0:16 Drop shot and rhino head
  • 3:45 Why fish a dropshot
  • 7:05 Baits for dropshot rig fishing
  • 9:30 Hooks
  • 10:10 Weights 
  • 13:25 Reel settings
  • 28:25 Rhino head or dropshot?
  • 29:50 What is a rhino head?
  • 31:50 Which one to use
  • 37:45 How to hook the worms

Professional bass fishing tournament angler Aaron Martens was relatively early to adopt finesse fishing techniques. He fishes them with tournament-winning results and consistency that has won him 3 angler-of-the-year titles. He believes that the drop shot and rhino head (the shakey head jig head designed by Aaron Martens) are necessary for consistent tournament success. Aaron believes it's important to have both the drop shot and the shakey head tied on nearly all the time. While Aaron is a power fisherman at heart, and he loves to move around and cover water, he also recognizes the importance of slowing down and putting the bait in front of fish that may be a little less willing to bite.  Below are some of the things you will learn from Aaron Martens, the finesse fishing master:

  • Aarom Marten's favorite dropshot weights and why he doesn't lose many of them
  • Gamakatsu Aaron Martens Tournament Grade Drop Shot Hook and the advantages of fishing tournament grade steel (and getting your knots right) for boating more bass
  • Dropshot fishing line, rod and reel recommendations
  • Heavy hook and weight dropshotting and why it's effective
  • Techniques for fishing a dropshot rig
  • What is a rhino head and how does it differ from other shakey head jigheads?
  • Which technique is better for different conditions
  • What is another great bait to pair with the shakey head and drop shot?
  • What Roboworms Aaron Martens fishes most often in each season/water temperature
  • Different rigging techniques for dropshot and the advantages of hooking the bait in different ways

Aaron also shares information from his years of exercise and stretching for keeping in shape to perform at the top of your game.

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