Mike Iaconelli is here to share tips on 2 great complimentary techniques. Both are power jig head techniques with soft plastics using baitcasting tackle. One techniques is great for fishing targets & the other works well when covering open water or banks between pieces of cover. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Ike shares the hooks and soft plastics he uses for each technique, as well as where to fish them, and 4 ways to fish each technique! He also breaks down the rod, reel & line he uses for power jighead techniques. Lastly, Ike closes it out with some great general tips that will help you catch more bass on the power shaky head and swing head (Biffle hardhead) techniques.

  • 3:56 Power jig head techniques
  • 4:55 Why do bass bite?
  • 8:17 These are techniques for baitcasting tackle
  • 10:24 Power shaky head overview
  • 11:26 Swinging jig head overview
  • 12:58 Breaking down the power shaky head bass fishing technique : where to fish it, selecting soft plastics worm styles
  • 26:28 4 Ways to fish a power shaky head
  • 44:42 Breaking down the swing head jig bass fishing technique : types of baits for this technique
  • 49:47 4 Ways to fish a swing head jig
  • 56:35 Tackle for fishing these power jighead techniques
  • 1:01:14 Closing bass fishing tips for power jighead techniques

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