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JT Kenney has a hot new technique for fishing a stick worm, like a Yamamoto Senko. When most people think of a stick worm, they think about finesse fishing with light line and spinning tackle. Perhaps their mind goes to fishing a wacky rig. JT Kenney has a whole different purpose for fishing a soft plastic stick bait with baitcasting tackle. JT's sneaky approach allows you to go behind guys fishing heavy cover with traditional flipping baits, and catch some fish that are left behind in heavily pressured fishing situations. Learn how JT Kenney uses a soft plastic stick bait to catch bass out of cover in this bass fishing class seminar video.

  • 0:43 The origins of the soft plastic stick bait and how it evolved
  • 2:24 What is JT Kenney's power stick worm technique?
  • 4:21 One of the greatest things about fishing a power stick worm (Kentucky Lake example)
  • 10:20 Another example of when the the power stick worm shines
  • 15:11 Rigging a power stick worm with JT Kenney
  • 16:50 Fishing a power stick worm in pressured situations in heavy cover
  • 19:46 If you want to fish a power stick worm on spinning tackle
  • 21:25 When and where to fish a power stick worm
  • 26:36 How you fish a power stick worm for bass
  • 27:15 Setting the hook when fishing JT Kenney's power stick worm technique
  • 29:35 JT Kenney's favorite power stick worm (which appears to be no longer in production), the Netbait Salt Lick as well as his favorite colors
  • 32:23 Fishing a power stick worm in in milfoil (Potomac River example)
  • 41:10 More on rigging a power stick bait
  • 46:35 Why a straight shank hook might get better hookups, but why JT Kenney still prefers a offset worm hook
  • 50:04 Is there a good time to useW?he a bigger worm for power stick bait bass fishing?
  • 51:49 How does this technique differ for a tail-weighted Senko?

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