In this 1 hour bass fishing instructional video, you will learn how to catch more bass and win tournaments on heavily pressured bodies of water.  Primarily, Charlie Hartley is talking about heavily pressured lakes, rivers and reservoirs in Ohio, but a lot of this information is applicable anywhere that the waters and fish get pounded by anglers and boaters consistently and bass are more wary/less active. Charlie attributes a lot of his tournament success, particularly on tournmanent waters to 2 things: investing more time in pre-fishing (which not everyone can do, but the other we can all do), being prepared! When fishing a tough body of water, you have to maximize fishing time. Charlie shares some of his secret tips and tricks for ensuring you increase your chances of catching more fish by reducing the time you don't have a bait in the water. Make sure that your practice doesn't hurt your tournament, Charlie explains about making sure you don't burn yourself in tournaments with your practice approach. Hartley discusses his tournament preparation strategies for 1-day tournaments, including his mantra, "Don't win practice!".

Charlie goes on to explain that tournaments that are historically won in an area are won there for a reason. You probably won't break 40 years of tradition by reinventing the wheel, but by taking Charlie's advice in this video, you can learn how to use statistics to your advantage and simply outfish guys instead of driving aimlessly looking for secret honey holes. Take your bait "where no fish has gone before". Don't underestimate the importance of "retreads" when fishing pressured waters for tournament bass.

Learn lots of tips and tactics for catching bass in pressured lakes, rivers and reservoirs, including: rods, reels, and line to fish. Hartley talks about what folks consider the best baits for fishing for finicky bass (including the Infamous Finicky Bass Bait - The Zoom Trick Worm & Pete Gluszek's go-to finesse fishing bait The Yamamoto Senko). Charlie will talk about color theory, what's the best color soft plastic bait to fish? He'll also discuss baits to fish on shakey head and carolina rigs.

Charlie Hartley talks about the types of bodies of water: lakes, reservoirs and rivers, with examples from Ohio (Buckeye, St. Mary's, Alum Creek, Delaware, Salt Fork & Ohio River, to name a few).

Lastly, Charlie Hartley answers some questions from Bass University students including: "What are your thoughts on finesse jigs?", "Can we eliminate certain water depths?" & "What am I looking for on my graph/side imaging?".

If you want to learn more from BASS tournament fishing veteran Charlie Hartley, be sure to check out Finesse Flipping - Hartley. If you want to learn more about fishing pressured/difficult fishing water, be sure to watch Fishing Tough Conditions

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