Former Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler and host of The Bassmasters television show, Davy Hite joined The Bass University to talk about his approach to prefishing. In this bass fishing educational class seminar, Davy Hite discusses how to make the most out of your day of fun fishing or your practice before your next tournament. Tournament prefishing (or pre-fishing) is key to locating fish, constructing a gameplan and ultimately consistently doing well in bass fishing tournaments. Decide what your bass fishing goals are, dedicate the time for planning and practice to accomplish your goals. If your goal is to have fun, your practice and planning approach will be different than if you want to win a specific tournament or fish to qualify for an end-of-season tournament. Learn when and how to check fish in your spots without burning through your tournament fish. Get off on the right foot by selecting a good starting area.

Davy Hite teaches you how to prepare for any tournament, whether it's a club tournament on your local lake, or a Bassmaster Open on a lake you've never seen before. Learn how to leverage your strengths and confidence, narrow down the best areas for the season, maximize your practice time and develop patterns that give you a change to win every time. Don't fish for a safe limit, go out in your next bass fishing tournament with the intention to win.

  • 0:13 Introduction to Davy Hite's approach to prefishing
  • 3:12 What is your intention when you're out fishing?
  • 5:18 Catching/hooking bass in practice
  • 6:05 Checking your go-to spots (aka honey holes) before tournaments
  • 7:40 Choosing your starting spot
  • 8:45 Saving your good fishing spots and trying to keep them to yourself
  • 12:57 A different way to prefish without burning your tournament bass
  • 16:10 Time to invest in prefishing for a bass tournament
  • 19:10 Know your strengths
  • 22:01 How to narrow down a new body of water
  • 25:17 Time to go fishing! Davy Hite's 3-pronged approach to bass fishing success
  • 33:41 Developing a pattern - what to look for
  • 36:51 Determining the target depth for the season and conditions
  • 50:39 Things you need to plan for in your tournament backup plan
  • 53:29 Go out with the intention to win the tournament

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