Cranking is one of the most popular techniques in all of bass fishing – and for good reason. 

“The reason that I crank, and the reason I think most pros and tournament fishermen crank, is because you can cover so much water,” said Davy Hite. “You can get clues and figure out what the fish are doing and where they're located.”

For competitive anglers, the ability to cover water quickly is crucial for finding bass. Not only are you able to eliminate areas quickly, but you’re also able to key in on the depth range of the fish you do find. 

Crankbaits offer the ability to cover distinct depth ranges varying from less than a foot to more than 30 feet deep, which makes the crankbait one of the most versatile techniques any angler can know. 

When it comes to searching for bass, Hite recommends a three-step approach of tying on a shallow, medium, and deep running crankbait. This will allow you to fish each water column effectively. 

Different crankbaits also have very different actions. While some have a subtle, tight-wobbling action, some offer an erratic and wide wobble to trigger more strikes. 

One of the most important parts of this technique is making sure you have the right rod, reel, and line for cranking. In this seminar, Hite breaks down his preference for different crankbait setups depending on the condition. 

Hite also discusses whether red hooks catch more fish, the challenges of landing bass with crankbaits, and how to keep your color selection simple. 

  • 2:25 Reasons To Throw A Crankbait
  • 8:55 How Electronics Help Crankbait Fishing
  • 16:15 How To Pick The Right Crankbait Rod
  • 18:05 How To Pick The Right Reel For Cranking
  • 23:50 How To Pick The Right Line For Cranking
  • 36:35 Understanding When To Use Certain Crankbaits
  • 43:35 Understanding Different Crankbait Actions
  • 47:55 Importance Of Hooks On Crankbaits
  • 51:45 Types Of Retrieves
  • 52:55 How To Land A Fish On A Crankbait
  • 58:40 Understanding Crankbait Color Options
  • 59:30 How To Fish A Ledge With A Crankbait

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