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Are you tired of soaking your lure in the same tired spot, hoping to scrounge up a limit in your bass fishing tournament? Bryan Thrift thinks it may be time for you to get your foot on the gas and run & gun your way to bigger bass, tageting actively
Mille Lacs BASS fishing tournament champion, Seth Feider, talks about the new VMC Weedless Neko Hook, which is a weedless version of the hook he was using to catch all his smallmouth bass last season on Mille Lacs. Seth discusses various finesse fishing techniques
Davy Hite has won big on the Bassmaster Elite Series with big baits. Davy focuses his presentation on his favorite big baits for "head hunting" for quality fish which are Mop Jigs, swimbaits, giant soft plastics, huge crankbaits, and more.
Join Davy Hite as he talks about getting your bait into those hard to reach places and getting up close a personal while flipping and pitching.
Bassmaster Classic Champion Davy Hite uses cranking to cover water and find bass fast! In this class, Davy offers advice for anglers of all skill levels and he explains the tactics and tips that have helped him consistently catch big bass throughout his career.
Whether its practice for a local club event or practice for the Bassmaster Classic, Davy Hite's step-by-step walk-through of the proper tactics for pre-fishing a body of water will help everyone with the best possible tournament results! Davy's covers important decisions such as when to practice in a historically good
Cranking is one of the most effective ways to catch aggressive, feeding frenzy bass after the spawn is over. Davy Hite is an expert of catching these post spawn bass on crankbaits and he will discuss the best baits, how to locate the bass, and more tips for capitalizing