In this remastered bass fishing video class seminar, Davy Hite talks about catching XXL-sized bass on XXL-sized baits. Part of being a trophy hunter is determining: what a trophy is to you, how dedicated you are to catching a trophy, and how it plays a part in your recreational or tournament fishing. In this video, Davy Hite breaks down the differences between fun fishing and competition fishing and how puruing giants differs for the two. Once you've committed to catching a bigger bass, Davy talks about some of his favorite lures to target big bass.

  • 1:03 The great thing about bass fishing is that it's for everyone, and Davy Hite encourages you to set goals to get the most out of it.
  • 3:17 Targeting big fish with bigger baits is not for everyone
  • 6:33 What is a trophy bass? Davy Hite talks about his biggest bass
  • 9:52 Difference between recreational bass fishing, tournament bass fishing, targeting big fish and how the delicate balance among them
  • 15:10 Having confidence in a bait for big fish
  • 16:28 Resources for learning about fishing big baits and doing your homework to maximize your success
  • 17:22 Dealing with spectator boats in tournament bass fishing
  • 23:14 Best time of the day to fish big baits for big bass (cold blooded opportunistic feeder)
  • 25:58 Colors in big baits
  • 27:47 Know your strengths
  • 28:55 Mop jigs and why Davy Hite likes the living rubber
  • 32:25 Jig trailers and what to consider
  • 36:39 Crankbaits
  • 38:03 Topwaters for big fish
  • 43:56 Swimbaits
  • 49:50 Tackle for fishing big baits for big bass
  • 54:58 Narrowing down the body of water or area to fish for big bass and having a plan
  • 1:02:15 Getting a good hookset on larger fish

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