Chatterbait Fishing - Brett Hite : Remastered

Chatterbait Fishing - Brett Hite : Remastered


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Brett Hite won over $250,000 in bass fishing tournaments over a few weeks fishing a chatterbait (or vibrating jig) and has won over $400,000 total. In this bass fishing class seminar video, which was recorded in Florida, Brett Hite shares some of the tips on what he looks for in a chatterbait (components, colors, trailers, hook), the rod, reel & line he uses, how he fishes the baits and more. Brett also share some bonus tips on how Florida differs from other areas of the country and where he likes to look to find bass in Florida.

  • 0:46 Overview of why & where to fish a chatterbait like the Phenix Vibrating Wobble Jig or Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer?
  • 1:53 Tackle for maximum hookups when fishing a vibrating jig
  • 4:25 Keep is simple when selecting a chatterbait
  • 5:24 Locating bass in Florida and why you might choose the chatterbait over the lipless crankbait
  • 8:03 Trailers and modifications for a vibrating jig
  • 9:06 Fishing a chatterbait around grass for reaction strikes
  • 16:52 Fish your confidence
  • 18:07 Reel gear ratio for fishing vibrating jigs
  • 21:48 Details about Brett Hite's rod for reaction baits
  • 23:38 Can you fish a trailer hook on a chatterbait?
  • 25:39 Finesse fishing a chatterbait
  • 34:05 The story of Brett Hite not wanting to throw that "goofy chatterbait"

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