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Bass University Live Video 1 : Brett Hite

Mike "Ike" Iaconelli and Pete "The Dean" Gluszek welcome everyone to the live show. They talk about great specials going on in the month of October, 2017 for PRO subscribers, including 20% off Flambeau tackle boxes, Rapala VIP membership and Bass University In-Class discounts up to 50%! Tickets are currently on sale for 3 Bass University locations: Kokomo, IN, Lawrenceburg, IN & Tulsa, OK. This year, for the first time, Skeet Reese will be presenting at one of our locations. Interested in these great hats that Mike and Pete are wearing? After talking about the amazing giveaways of Brett Hite's tackle that was given away during the show to PRO subscribers, Brett Hite joins the show via Skype to talk about his recent success fishing a Chatterbait Jack Hammer on Lake Mead at the US Open. Brett talks about: where he caught his bass, if there's a bad time to fish chatterbaits, using a trailer hook with chatterbaits, what type of line he uses to fish a vibrating jig, choosing between a swim jig, spinnerbait and a chatterbait & more! Brett Hite also talks about the rod he designed, the Evergreen Brett Hite Combat Stick Casting Rods. Also, Hite talks about the design of the Jack Hammer chatterbait and the vibrating jig trailer he designed for Yamamoto Bait Company, Yamamoto 4" Zako Swimbait/Vibrating Jig Trailer. Learn other secrets for fishing vibrating jigs from pro tournament angler Brett Hite.

Bass University Live Video 2 : Rat-L-Traps

Eric "The Intern" selects some PRO subscriber winners of Jack Hammer chatterbaits. Iaconelli announces the October 29th, 2017 Ike Live Bass Fishing Talk Show Spooktacular, be sure to tune in for that, as the entire cast will be in-costume for halloween. Iaconelli and Pete talk about FLW Tour angler and Elite Series rookie Mark Daniels Jr. (MDJ) and his recent bass fishing class Master the Rat-L-Trap - MDJ. MDJ is known as being a Rat-L-Trap guy, but, as you'll see in the class, he's really an ambassador for the entire Bill Lewis Brand. Mike & Pete talk about some of the tips, tricks & techniques that MDJ shares in his videos that will help you catch more bass with lipless crankbaits. They share some of their own experiences & retrieves for fishing lipless crankbaits and dispell some myths about when and where to fish it. They answer some questions like: when to use a silent lipless crankbait, how to fire up a school of bass that stop biting, clearing grass and junk off your bait, what about using snaps for chaning baits fast, and is there ever too much bait around to throw a rat-l-trap?

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