Do you want to learn how to consistently catch more bass? Dropshotting is definitely the technique to master and it will help you catch more fish throughout the year, especially in tough fishing conditions! The dropshot technique is definitely a major strength for top west coast pro angler Brett Hite. In Brett's class on the dropshot rig and powershot rig, Brett goes in-depth about the gear and tackle that he recommends including the specific techniques, secret tips, and much more. The dropshot works all year, but shines in tough conditions when anglers need to downsize their presentation and "finesse" the fish into biting. In this bass fishing educational and instructional seminar class video, Brett teaches the class how to fish a dropshot around specific types of cover such as vegetation, rocks, and more. Dropshotting was originally developed strictly as a finesse technique, but today anglers have adapted it into more of a power technique called "powershotting" which utilizes baitcasting rods and reels, heavier line, bigger hooks, and most importantly bigger baits. Brett will also go in-depth about the effectiveness of the powershot and dropshot for bedding bass around the spawn.

  • 0:56 Misconceptions about the dropshot rig
  • 1:35 Brett Hite's recommended dropshot weight style and sizes
  • 3:45 Traditional dropshot setup, Roboworms Brett Hite uses and other bait suggestions
  • 9:09 Sizes of Gamakatsu Drop/Split Shot Hooks
  • 11:02 Tackle and getting started dropshotting
  • 13:38 How you fish a traditional dropshot rig effectively
  • 16:35 Leader lengths for dropshot fishing
  • 18:01 Using a swivel and line preferences
  • 19:11 Knots and getting the bait to stand straight out
  • 22:31 Attaching the weight with line clips
  • 26:26 Rigging hand-poured worms
  • 28:02 More tips on fishing a traditional dropshot rig
  • 29:28 Dropshot rig fishing in current
  • 30:33 Beefier weedless rigging method using a Roboworm Rebarb Hooks and Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worms
  • 40:57 Powershot rig using baitcasting tackle and where to fish it

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