Welcome back to Bass University.  Today, we go inside the classroom, with Bassmaster Elite Series champion John Crews to break down his ideal set ups for Shaky Head and Drop Shot finesse fishing. John will discuss topics on these two baits that include when and where to throw it, and what sizes of bait, line, and hook he likes to use.  So, grab a notepad and a pen, because this information is something you do NOT want to forget!!

  • 1:05 Figuring out the numbers
  • 2:00 Shaky Head Breakdown
  • 5:59 Why sharp hooks are key!
  • 6:35 Key baits to use on Shaky Head
  • 7:29 Drop Shot Breakdown
  • 8:23 Line size matters!
  • 10:19 Weight sizes and why
  • 11:09 Leader length for drop shot
  • 15:37 Hook style and size
  • 18:49 What knot to tie
  • 21:04 Where to throw a shaky head?
  • 27:36 Finesse the fish
  • 30:11 What is a "vacuum bait"?
  • 35:54 Where to throw a drop shot
  • 44:40 WRITE THIS DOWN!
  • 46:20 How to set the hook.
  • 47:45 Quiz? What Quiz? 

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